Nch'ḵay̓ Development corporation

Service Provider Application

The Nch'ḵay̓ Service Provider program allows trades and services to safety operate at Mosquito Creek and Lynnwood Marinas as well as highlight their services to the public via the Mosquito Creek and Lynnwood Marina Websites.

Program Overview

From electrical, mechanical, retrofit, repair, and premium application of urethane finishers, fairing, bright work, corrosion control, fiberglass repair and bottom paint our boatyards provide skilled marine trades and labor solutions. Each registered Company/Independent Contractors/Tradesperson will have access to the Marina docks and yard to conveniently service your boating needs. By implementing this program we can better assure that our registered trades are aware of specific requirements for safety, security, waste/recycle disposal and the expected behavior that does not cause inconvenience or interfere with other clients business.

Terms and Conditions

To manage the quality of services rendered to our clients, Mosquito Creek Marina requires all service companies, independent contractors, and tradespersons to be registered prior to performing any work onsite.

To qualify you are required to complete the application below, submitting WCB coverage, liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 and pay the applicable pricing package selected. Uninsured workers are not permitted; no subcontracting without approval of the Marina ensuring compliance with all the rules set forth herein.

To ensure the accuracy of information, you agree to provide Mosquito Creek Marina with the company’s current logo, trade name and trade/service description. By completing the application and submitting your logo you grant Mosquito Creek permission and give consent for the use of images on its websites. Other than use on the website, Mosquito Creek Marina acknowledges that it has no other rights in the use of the company’s logo, trade name and trade/service description.

Hours of operation for work orders on the docks is 7am to 7pm and 7am to 10pm for the dry storage yard. Fobs will be programmed, and access denied outside these times for registered contractors.

Compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and instructions of the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, Squamish Nation, Nch’kay Development Corporation, and all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of any other agency with jurisdiction regarding vessels.

The Marina follows Best Management Practices for Marinas and Small Boatyards in BC set out by Environmental Canada. Fees will be charged for any environmental impact, hazardous waste disposal, use of waste containers, acceptance of deliveries or other services provided at the Marina’s expense. All chemicals must be handled in compliance with MSDS sheet and disposal, personal protective equipment must be readily available and used as necessary.

Marina tools, equipment, dock carts, ladders, extension cords and other equipment are not available for use by contractors.

In accordance with fire codes and regulations, all connections made to Marina receptacles shall be approved, weatherproof, three wires and grounded. Cords may not be affixed or secured to docks or cross main walkways.

Work areas must be returned to original condition at the end of each work day, all materials, tools, waste must be properly secured, stowed or removed.

Solicitation posted advertising and other sales/advertising efforts are not allowed on Marina property without authorization.

Parking is not included, pay stations are in both lots managed by WestPark, during peak season or when lot full, contractors are required to park in lot 109 – gravel lot to the east of entrance.

Being an approved Contractor, the Marina does not in any way, shape or form warranty the work performed by the trades and does not implicate Mosquito Creek Marina in any injuries, death, or damage to property.

The Marina reserves the right to reject, withdraw entry or provision of services from our facility from any person or company at any time.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to notify the Marina Office if a fob has been lost or stolen. If not reported any violations caused by individual who uses the fob will be the responsibility of the person the fob is assigned to.


Bronze package – $100/year

  • Company name listed in our On-Site Services directory
  • One access fob
  • One year permit

Silver package – $250/year

  • Company name and logo listed in our On-Site Services directory
  • Description of services
  • Contact information
  • Up to three access fobs
  • One year permit

Gold package – $500/year

  • Company headline, description and hero image displayed in the Featured On-Site Service Providers section
  • Company name and logo listed in our On-Site Services directory
  • Description of services
  • Logo and links to website
  • Permission for signage at entrance of Marina
  • Contact information
  • Up to three access fobs
  • Company staff gate code
  • One year permit

*Please note - please try to upload files of 5mb or less. Form submission can take some time, depending on internet speed, as the files get uploaded.

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