Mosquito creek

Health + Safety

To ensure a safe environment for all, we have the following guidelines in place:

For Customers

We require all our customers to complete a Fire and Electrical Safety Checklist every year to ensure accordance with fire codes and regulations.

In addition, the Owner will comply with all present and future applicable bylaws, ordinances, rules and regulations, health, safety, environmental and sanitary regulations of all applicable regulatory bodies, including instruction of the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and those established from time to time by the Squamish Nation/Nch’kay Development Corporation and any applicable federal, provincial or local government agency with jurisdiction regarding the Property or berthing in the Marina.

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For on-site contractors

Due to strict Environmental legislation, Insurance, and Liability issues, the Mosquito Creek Marina is required to ensure that all contractors understand their rights and accept their responsibilities. Approved, legitimate businesses with adequate insurance coverage are allowed to provide their service to the customers at our facility. They must comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and instructions of the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, and the Squamish Nation/Nch’kay Development Corporation, all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of any other government agency with jurisdiction regarding the vessel or property.

Prior to any work being initiated at the Marina, the contractor must complete the following:

(a) register with the Marina;

(b) obtain a permit from the Marina and

(c) provide appropriate workers’ compensation and insurance documentation

Disposal of hazardous, construction, or other material is contractors’ responsibility; the Marina will not supply disposal/recycling containers.

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For Staff

The Marina is committed to the safety of our staff and customers, and in these uncertain times, it is more important than ever. We are practicing and enforcing best practices for social distancing, and you can count on us to keep up to date with the latest recommendations by the Provincial Health Office, BC Centre for Disease Control, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and applicable occupational health and safety statutory obligations, Worksafe BC protocols to minimize the risk of exposure in the workplace and docks.

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Contact and Emergency Numbers

For all emergencies, please call 911 – fire, police, ambulance

Marina Office


Mosquito Creek Security


City of North Vancouver Fire Dept. (non emergency)


North Vancouver RCMP non emergency


Western Canada Marine Response (Oil Spill)


Canadian Coast Guard Search & Rescue


FortisBC Natural Gas Emergency Line



415 Esplanade W. North Vancouver BC, Canada  V7M 1A6


GPS: 49.3148° N, 123.0895° W




Mosquito Creek

Marina Directions

Water Arrival
Land Arrival

Our marina is located at GPS: 49.3148° N, 123.0895° W. You can see the marina on Google Maps (here) or on Navionics (here).


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