Revolution Yacht Experience Ltd.

Complete Mobil Marine Service Provider


New Vessel Commissioning

One of our specialties is commissioning new builds directly from the factory.

All luxury yachts require this quality assurance step and our broadly skilled team will touch on every system and aesthetic feature to ensure that your vessel is being handed to you at the highest standard. You will step onto a vessel that fully meets safety standards and is ready for your first adventure!

Routine Vessel Maintenance

Whether it’s an annual haul out, engine service or custom detailing, we can perform all services required to keep your vessel running smoothly and looking great. We have all the necessary skills and relationships in place to ensure your equipment is maintained as was intended.

Please contact us for service on any of the equipment on your vessel. We can even guide you through a recommended annual maintenance strategy. Our goal is to keep you cruising safely and in style!

Vessel System Checks

We know you can’t always be on board and that’s where we step in. If you’re looking for a trained eye to carry out routine vessel inspections and report findings, contact us today.

Vessel monitoring can go one step further. Our partners have developed truly next gen vessel monitoring solutions. Talk to us about equipment that can be installed on your vessel to send system information directly to you. With this technology, we can assist with remote monitoring and react to any issues (e.g. power outages) that may impact your vessel.

Custom Installations and Upgrades

Waiting to install that water maker you’ve always wanted? How about a vessel monitoring system? Perhaps you’re more interested in an Inverter with a larger battery bank. If that’s not for you, maybe you’re ready to upgrade your electronics and navigation systems. Perhaps you’re not sure exactly what you looking for, you just know that you would like your stays at anchor to last longer and need equipment upgrades to achieve that goal. We can help you with those choices too.

We offer almost anything imaginable to enhance your yachting experience. Hand us your wish list and we will help you realize your dreams. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Mosquito Creek

Marina Directions

Water Arrival
Land Arrival

Our marina is located at GPS: 49.3148° N, 123.0895° W. You can see the marina on Google Maps (here) or on Navionics (here).

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