Ignition Marine Service

Ignition Marine Service is a one-stop shop that provides professional mechanical, electrical, and structural; service to various types of pleasure yachts, sailboats, and commercial vessels under the direct supervision of marine engineers.


Regular check-ups and maintenance can diminish the upcoming major costs for watercraft and ensure the proper functionality of the vessel. Having a team of experts who can process all the required services for vessels can be a great relief and guarantee safe cruising on the water.

At Ignition Marine Service, our qualified team of certified marine engineers and technicians takes care of private and commercial watercraft's mechanical, electrical, structural, canvas, and upholstery services to provide a hassle-free sailing experience.

Ignition Marine is at your service anytime.

Mosquito Creek

Marina Directions

Water Arrival
Land Arrival

Our marina is located at GPS: 49.3148° N, 123.0895° W. You can see the marina on Google Maps (here) or on Navionics (here).

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