The Squamish Nation Marine Group’s Member Only Rewards Card Benefits

Earn points and use as currency towards future redemption, once the designated of 2,000 reward points is reached. Through our Member Rewards Program, you will also have access to exclusive information on offers and deals to various marine related services. As a member, we aim to enhance your boating experiences, making it more efficient, beneficial, and tailored to your lifestyle on the water!


SIGN UPSquamish Nation Marine Group Rewards Program

Ask a representative for an enrollment form and sign up today. Visit  Rewards Program  to login and access your account information. Being a Rewards Program member is free and easy!


Present your card at the following services, and every dollar spent at these services will earn you one point on your account:

  • Fuel Dock


When you have accumulated 2,000 points, a voucher will automatically be printed on your receipt. You will then receive certificates for $50 redeemable towards the Fuel Bar or Travel Lift and 10% off dining at MarinaSide Grill Restaurant. Conditions apply, see certificates for details.

Watch for chances to earn DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or BONUS points during certain times of the year.

“We will be introducing new products and services and more ways to redeem your points”

F. A. Q.

If I forget to bring my card, can I provide other information to claim points?

Absolutely! Bring your receipt to Mosquito Creek Marina office and we will manually adjust points on your account.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

Notify us and we will deactivate the card or replace it with a new one, if necessary. Once a card has been deactivated, it can never be used again. If deactivated, a cardholder will have to re-apply to obtain a new card (which will have a new number). In certain cases, previously accumulated points may be honored through manual entry into a new card.

How do I check my points?

By visiting Rewards Program, members can go online and view all information regarding their account. The Cardholder Web Portal is used for updating profiles, viewing point balances and transaction history. On the back of each card, there is a unique scratch-off password as well as web address for easy access to your own member account information.

I have more questions, where can I get more information?

Our Member Rewards Program is administered by Mosquito Creek Marina. During regular business hours, please call 604-987-4113.

Squamish Nation Rewards program