Love on the Water Becoming a Live-Aboard

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This is a story about the power of love, and the perils of boating, becoming a live-aboard and what can happen when these two potent forces intersect. The two people behind this story were pleased to share their tale of romance and ocean adventure but they wish to remain anonymous and, as you read their story, you may understand why.Their adventure began soon after the wedding. hubbie informed his happy bride that he had always wanted to own a boat. Since he was a man of action he usually got what he worked for. Immediately, he had found an estate sale that was selling a timeworn 27-foot Chris-Craft that came with its very boat shed at The Creek Marina & Boatyard. The price was right, so he hatched a brilliant plan to build an apartment above the shed. Of course, all of this would take a little time.

Before too long their three-bedroom North Vancouver townhouse was on the market and it quickly sold. “Where are we going to live?” the still-happy bride innocently asked. Her newly betrothed had not really thought that far ahead, but soon had a plan: “We’ll live-aboard a boat,” he replied cheerfully.

Now, the history of the dependable Chris-Craft vessel goes back to 1874 when Christopher Columbus Smith built his first boat at the age of 13. Of course their new/old boat wasn’t that old, but it did come with its own set of challenges.

Before too long, the newlyweds found themselves as live-a-boards in the old boat shed. While hubbie with dreams of ocean adventures, slept on the boat deck, the still sort-of-happy wife tried to make herself comfortable sleeping on a hard bench for three long weeks. During the whole time, the willing wife held down a full-time job: she vividly remembers the struggle walking along C dock wearing high heels and work attire.

One morning, she awoke to find her beloved husband furiously bailing water. During the night, the bilge had somehow stopped working. So now, not only were they on a stinky, smelly boat in an old boat shed, but they were sinking!

The not nearly-so-happy wife decided she had had enough and told her bewildered husband that she was off to volunteer at the University of Nations’ mission in Kona, Hawaii. She would be suffering for Jesus for a month while he suffered with their home and boat situation. Fortunately, hubbie found a guy on Craigslist who would be able to help him build the apartment, so off soon-to-be-tanned wife went to the tropics.

When she returned a month later it was to a cozy wonderful apartment on top of their very own boat shed. Their trusty runabout was snugly moored in their very own boat shed. Sadly, the Chris-Craft went for only one maiden voyage to and from Bowen Island before they made a difficult decision.

“We’re floaters, not boaters,” Hubbie announced one day. Having satisfied his desire for boat ownership he realized that owning and maintaining a boat was too much work. His happy-to-be-home wife agreed. While boat ownership might not be for them, ocean-side living suited them perfectly. They bought a brand new two-bedroom Spirit Trail Ocean Home and have never regretted making the move.

Of course, taking possession of their new home came with its own adventure. When their float home was being towed into place, they discovered there was barely 6 inches of leeway on either side of the huge anchored pylon. As they and their friends pushed and pulled at the home, the brand new exterior paint was seriously scraped, but a new dab of paint would easily fix the problem.  While becoming a live-aboard is happily-ever-after, wife laughs when she remembers that just as the tugboat pulling their new float home  came into view, the tugboat’s radio was blasting the Simon and Garfunkle song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”