Live Aboard a Boat

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Live Aboard Marina Combines the Best of Both Worlds

While surveyors check out his soon- to- be purchased 42-foot 2001 Sea Ray, which is carefully suspended in the travel lift at The Creek Marina, Jerry Millar paces back and forth expectantly below the beautiful yacht. At the current rate of exchange Jerry calculates he has saved fifty thousand dollars by purchasing this yacht in Canada.

The full inspection will check the boat’s engine, electronics, the condition of the hull and the decks. The inspectors will see if any part of the fourteen year old yacht has been overlooked or neglected. Once the vessel passes its rigorous inspection, Jerry will transport it to the United States and launch it into the waters off Seattle where he will moor it near the city limits. At the same time he inaugurates his new boat, he’ll be initiating a completely new lifestyle: as a live aboard.

“I grew up on or near the water in Ballard, Washington, a fishing community, but this will be my first time to live aboard,” Jerry explains. He’d always wanted to try this kind of lifestyle and at this junction in life, his wants and needs intersect.

Following an amicable divorce, Jerry left the family home to his wife and two daughters, ages 14 and 11. The girls now will have the opportunity to experience two things: regular visits with their dad and a chance to indulge in a favourite family past time, boating.

“When we had our 36ft Grand Banks I would pick them up on Fridays after school and we’d be off boating until Sunday evening. Often they would bring their friends or make friends with the other kids we would meet at the various marinas. There was no WIFI, no devices that would work on the water. The girls would play games and we would connect as a family. That won’t change.”

Jerry did think about renting an apartment in Seattle, but the rental stock is very low and quite expensive. Washington recently increased the minimum wage to $15 so that more workers hopefully can afford to rent in the same zip code.

“Some large employers, like Amazon, have changed the rental market dramatically. A lot of these IT workers make excellent salaries but they are highly mobile, they don’t know where they will be working next. They don’t want to buy anything and usually rent.”

After crunching the numbers Jerry realized it would make more sense to combine his love of boating and an exciting new lifestyle. “I’ll be able to walk to work and my girls won’t find it hard to come down to the wharf to visit dad.” While living aboard a boat may seem challenging with its low square footage and limited storage, it can be an affordable option that comes with the added benefits of being a recreational vessel once you untie from the docks.

Live aboard is what we call getting the “Best of Both Worlds”!