Little Known Secrets of Boatyard Repair & Refit

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Upon The Creek’s Boatyard Lift, the former Italian America’s Cup team’s Maxi Racer ‘Il Moro di Venezia 1’

No boat is immune to the wear of life at sea. Repair, boat refit and maintenance of a boat is inevitable.

Refit season can be stressful, particularly with luxury yachts, ensuring the highest in standards of living means regular reconditioning and improvements with the decking, décor, engines, electronic systems and generators, and even the internal layout of spaces and rooms.

On the larger scale, these projects often require months of work from many. Poor preparation without planning can lead to refit disasters, in the form of disagreements, unexpected costs and huge delays. This short guide is on the little known secrets you should know to ensure a successful boatyard boat refit & repair project.

Ensure that your boatyard has good liability insurance

Unfortunately accidents happen and these accidents on board your million dollar boat can happen, too. It is vital to check your boat’s insurance company coverage and to understand what they will require the boatyard to carry. Before any boatyard works are agreed upon, all parties should check that involved insurers and policies cover the scope of work being planned, such as ‘hot’ work (welding, soldering or any spark producing work) which one or more parties’ policies may not be covered.

Ask for American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Master Technician Red Seal Certification

How do you know which contractor is good? Marine trade is a tight and specialized industry. Boatyards that host certified members of ABYC have an essential level of credibility which will guarantee you security by ensuring your chosen boatyard will conform to code, boat repair and refit standards.

Check that there is a decent attendance from the right people

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ABYC Master Technician Rick Champagne & Mark Barnsley of NS Yachtworks

Even little projects often require full-time attendance from refit manager to minimize issues and delays. A chief engineer would be considered next to join, maybe part-time in the beginning. The boatyard will discuss with you their requirements for managing of your contractors you may include during the boat’s yard period. At any given time you will want to have the refit manager on board to manage contractors working; do not expect the boatyard’s own team to manage your contractors that they are not hiring directly themselves.

Get Familiarized with the Boatyard and its staff

If not provided already, collect the names and numbers for the following upon arrival:

  • Project manager
  • Fire, Ambulance and Police
  • Security officer
  • Health & safety officer
  • After hours emergency number
  • Reception manager

As soon as possible, learn the environmental and health & safety measures at the boatyard. And note that contract workers and day-workers will require the proper paperwork (workers compensation).

Shop Around

One boatyard will likely charge or quote differently from the next. By gathering several quotes from different boatyards is not only great for learning pricing options, but for understanding how to function with marine trade negotiation.

Quoting for a transformational refit, yacht services and boat repairs isn’t the most straightforward type of proposal to put together, and a boatyard’s competence can often be displayed through their ability to do so.

Try to find at least 3 quotes for the planned work, and be aware of any delays or mistakes made. These can often be clear indicators of potential issues. Do not brush it off when a boatyard takes twice as long to get back to you, or presents you a quote with several mistakes.

Meet our Boatyards ABYC Redseal Master Refit Technician Rick Champagne of NS Yachtworks