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Audrey Rivers

Early Days at the Creek Marina

The Creek Marina & Boatyard appropriately named one of its major walkways 'The Frank Rivers Way' after its first marina manager. It’s not a stretch to say if it were not for Frank Rivers, The Creek would not be the success that it is today. In 1967 Frank Rivers, helped the Squamish Nation ...Read More

Calibre Yachts Richard Evans

Richard Evans, Calibre Yacht Sales

Since 2008, Calibre Yachts has been helping boaters bring to life their dreams of exploring B.C.’s beautiful coastal waters. As a boat brokerage priding itself on building long-lasting positive relationships, Calibre’s goal is to ensure that their boats and their staff are both a source of ...Read More

Gerry Nahanee

Jerry Nahanee – His Legacy to Our Community

  The Squamish Nation lost one of its most beloved members with the recent death of Jerry Nahanee (November 13, 1948 – March 27, 2015). His full name was Gerald Richard Nahanee, but family and friends fondly knew him as Kanaka in respect of his family’s deep Hawaiian roots. Kanaka is ...Read More

Vancouver BC, live aboard Marina, live aboard, live aboard in Vancouver

Love on the Water Becoming a Live-Aboard

This is a story about the power of love, and the perils of boating, becoming a live-aboard and what can happen when these two potent forces intersect. The two people behind this story were pleased to share their tale of romance and ocean adventure but they wish to remain anonymous and, as you read ...Read More